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Of all the things accomplished in the last two years from We Are Indie Horror, perhaps one of the most important things to us is our reach across the world. While we are based in Los Angeles, FearMakers are scattered across the globe, making horror for the masses, just waiting to be seen by a global audience. This week’s Featured FearMaker comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gustavo Genixo has been a fan of horror for as long as he can remember, and now he has dedicated his life to creating more, original horror.

Gustavo Genixo | Courtesy of Facebook

Gustavo Genixo | Courtesy of Facebook

Being a child of the 80’s, Gustavo Genixo grew up loving films of all kinds since the age of five. It was horror that grasped the attention of the young filmmaker, as he would watch the new (at the time) and exciting iconic slasher films, like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and Texas Chainsaw MassacreGustavo would rent the same VHS’s from the video store over and over again. “I loved to feel the fear every minute,” Said Genixo. “Later in [I] think I liked horror as an escape of reality [from] the everyday routine.

The best thing of filming horror is that you can have a low budget, but that’s not relevant sometimes to create fear on screen, and that is priceless.

Gustavo found himself behind the lens at a young age, running around with his old super-VHS camera shooting weird, fantastic horror shorts. Later on, when the technological advances of visual effects caught up, Genixo was able to create things never thought were achievable. “The best thing of filming horror is that you can have a low budget, but that’s not relevant sometimes to create fear on screen, and that is priceless.

Gustavo Genixo held a brief stint at a film school, but it wasn’t quite what he expected. Like most aspiring filmmakers, Genixo learned how to make films by watching them. As Quentin Tarantino famously said, “I never went to film school; I went to films.” After taking a few courses in visual effects and editing, Gustavo turned to his own experiences and wit to learn the rest, becoming a self-made filmmaker. With a focus on practice over theory, he made short films, each one teaching him more about how to make a film.

Gustavo started his own production company, Windar Media Producciones, which works as a consultation company, as well as production and post. Under WindarGenixo made his creepy short film The Clown Network, which also stars Genixo. The 9 minute short film follows an online date that goes horribly wrong for one member of the party, which has deadly consequences.

When it comes to making independent horror, it’s no surprise that funding is the number one culprit keeping films from being made. For the fearless filmmaker, that is never a good enough excuse to not shoot. When shooting horror, lighting, camera angles, sound, and effects are crucial, and are usually expensive. With hard work and determination (and some good problem solving skills) there is nothing impossible when shooting. Gustavo knows this, and works tirelessly until he gets his films just where he wants them.

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