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While films and filmmakers can come from anywhere, we find that where people are from greatly influences their works. For example, writer Jeremy Megargee‘s literature is greatly based off the panhandle states which he has spent most of his life in. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld wrote every episode of his TV show based on actual events that happened to him and his friends in New York. Whether it’s film, literature, or any other form of art. The space around the artist will always contribute to the final product. Now, what about those who have lived around the world? Well, for FearMaker Percy Leon, that means making vampire films.

One of the very first horror films I remember watching Halloween and Alien. I recall watching it part of the film with my eyes closed.

Originally born in San Francisco, California, Percy has spent parts of his life living in Miami Beach, Florida, Richmond, Virginia, San Paul and Rio, Brazil, and La Paz and Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Growing up a horror fan, Percy would spend his youth sneaking into horror films a the local cinema by hiding in groups of older teens and adults. “One of the very first horror films I remember watching Halloween and Alien. I recall watching it part of the film with my eyes closed.

Percy Leon would eventually befriend the employee at the local video store, where he would gather weekly with other like-minded horror fans to watch lesser known horror films. Something most of us have done at one point or another.


Inspired by the work on Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles, Guillermo Del Toro, James Cameron and James Wan’s amazing visual storytelling, Percy Leon set out to be a filmmaker.  Percy studied film at Los Angeles City College, where he studied Cinema and Television Arts. There his love for film grew, as did his list of inspirators. Up and coming new independent filmmakers like David Mitchell, Fede Alvarez, and Andres Muschietti became names to look up to as well.

Once out of film school, Percy Leon turned to becoming a filmmaker. Set with the knowledge he was given at LACC, Percy began working on making films. Particularly films about Vampires.

Like most filmmakers in today’s market, Percy started his own YouTube channel, FantacularTV. There he would post his short films, shortened remakes, and his ever popular vampire series. These short films tell the stories of sexy, vulturous vampires. His vampire shorts have been viewed over 110,000 times, and have gained him the access to shoot at the YouTube space in Los Angeles.

One of the first pieces shot at the YouTube space was a short film called The GuestThe narrative short film tells an urban legend type story about a young woman who comes home to see her roommates friend passed out on the couch. The only problem is her friend didn’t have any friends over that night. Shot on their Halloween set, the spooky short has been viewed thousands of times.

Staying on top of the horror trends, and constantly watching films is Percy’s secret to success. His passion takes him to the darkest places in his mind, and comes back with stories of ghosts and vampires. Percy follows his own voice, and it shows in his work. We are excited to see what else he’s got in his bag of tricks as he works on his several new projects, including a vampire themed dark comedy series, and some 360 degree horror videos.

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