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The Tension Experience Continues To Intrigue – UPDATE May 2016

Rarely will I write an article in first person but this experience requires me to do so. My name is Neil King and I pledge allegiance to The O.O.A. Here is my experience thus far without spoiling too much.

Then Tension Experience PhotoWhen February rolled around, a puzzle popped up on Facebook and naturally I took to it. I love puzzles and anything surrounding puzzles which link to horror absolutely catches my eye. When solving the puzzle a phone number was revealed. A few months back We Are Indie Horror talked about the intro to The Tension Experience and what we understood at the time. The next paragraph will explain the into briefly as what has happened since then  has been much more intriguing.

Before I get into it, please understand that everyone’s experience is quite different sporting similarities in theme and situations but essentially if you want in, you get what you put into it.

After calling the phone number solved from the puzzle it took me to an operator who scheduled a “consultation”. The consultation had me nervous. I have never been a part of something like this before but I was intrigued. I concurred my fears and went anyway. At the appointment questions were asked and intensity was risen. After leaving I knew this was not just a normal haunt or play, it was truly an experience. It was an experience which challenged me as a person. Upon leaving the consultation that day, I had many questions and few answers. I spoke with others who went through the consultation and to an incredible surprise, they all had different stories. Again similar structure but clearly a different path was laid out. One answer we did know was who are we dealing with. The O.O.A.

Tension Experience Brian

WAIH Creator and Writer Brian Sapir at his consultation

After a few cryptic emails back and forth, I began learning what they wanted and complied. I felt it was a necessity to listen. For me particularly, they wanted me to use my voice to spread the message of The O.O.A. and when I did I was shocked with a push furthering my path. I had another encounter a few weeks later with a man named Bob Jones who warned me of The O.O.A. and out of nerves I complied with him which has caused me a lot of trouble which I will get into briefly.

The Tension Experience FlyerThe second encounter varied for everyone I spoke with. Some people met in a Library, some met in a park with a girl named Jenna, others met with Bob Jones, the Private Investigator. Shortly after this second experience the forums opened on People gathered to talk about their stories. Instead of telling you of all the variations here I recommend you head over there and give it a read. The forums took on a life of their own. People involved with The Tension Experience turned into a community where people helped each other figure out their path and continue along their journey.

Eventually a questionnaire popped up on the website. Be cautious as the questionnaire dives deep, incredibly deep, into you as a person. If you lie, they will know. The O.O.A. does not like liars and will not tolerate it. We play by their rules and their rules are strict but easy; be yourself and trust them as they have not given anybody reasons not to.

Now as for me being in trouble… this is a complicated and convoluted story. Every encounter has for some reason me being called out as a detractor. I have pledged my allegiance, proven my side, and told the truth but The O.O.A. continues to test my loyalty while trying to turn others against me. It started with the second experience and continued into the last, which I unfortunately missed out on due to time constraints. With that said, I was still a part of it. Friend of mine and Tension participant stated I was called out in his experience as a liar. I have asked for my forgiveness and will continue to get on the good graces of The O.O.A. All I hope is they see I am here for illumination and ready to embrace the light.

Much of the experience has been an online one. Here is a quick and fun story. One day the website and the Facebook were briefly hacked by a group calling themselves The Brother of Seraph run by Sentinel. Since then the plot has truly thickened. Sentinel and The Brothers of Seraph are spreading negative propaganda about The O.O.A. and it seems to be dissecting the followers one by one. For more information check out the forums.

One aspect of this experience that I was not expecting was the community and friends formed from it. A number of us decided to meet up and talk Tension with each other. From there we now have a group of friends helping spread the word and doing what we can to please The O.O.A. and solve the puzzles. These people ,who I have previously never met, have become close friends of mine. We communicate every day, we know what is going on in each other’s lives and we have helped with situations beyond The Tension Experience. They are like minded individuals who enjoy horror scenarios and challenging tasks. One thing to fully understand is The Tension Experience is not for the lazy.

Tension Experience FourAs we grew as a community, The experience continues to grow. More authoritative figures have been added and some have left our graces. We started with the guidance from Gatekeeper 5 who has been ascended and now we are just getting to meet Gatekeeper 4. Gatekeeper 5 kept it serious and to the point, but Gatekeeper 4 is quite the opposite. Take a gander at the Facebook over at for her fun and whimsical attitude. Something about her craziness though has her as still a powerful figure within this chain of command. We have speculations as to what each Gatekeeper represents and where we will go from here, but we are not sure. Get in on the conversation and help us all figure it out.

Here we are three months later and the experience continues. With each passing day and each new event I grow as a person. My intrigue and understanding flourishes with each passing post. I have posted the newest newsletter below which gives you an idea as to what we are dealing with when it comes to Gatekeeper 4 and the mystery that still surrounds.

All in all, We Are Indie Horror highly recommends getting involved with this community which is out to enlighten the mind and getting us as humans to understand what is important. Regardless of which side you fall on, this is certainly an experience that is needed by everyone. Give it a shot. Consultations are still occurring and the official open of The Tension Experience is being advertised for Fall 2016. I will not solve your puzzles for you, but head over to their website and absolutely figure out the puzzles, find the phone number, do the questionnaire and always remember…


Keep The Fear Alive

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