Friday, Apr 21, 2017
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Dear We Are Indie Horror Community,

It has been a little over 2 years since we started the independent horror community We Are Indie Horror. In the beginning, we were nothing but a mere Facebook page. Changing times caused for us to expand into other social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and even an occasional SnapChat. In July of 2015, we launched the website We launched the website as a place where we could write reviews, share upcoming projects, and most importantly show off the community made up of the incredibly talented, creative, hardworking people we call FearMakers. As time went on we continued to expand. We launched Tea Time Of Terror, a podcast where co-creators Brian and myself would sit around a table with special guests from all around the community and drink tea; well most of the time it is tea. We also have our YouTube channel which features the interview late-night style show It Came From Candi’s Lab along with a few short films such as Drunk Zombies. Within a year of our launch, we partnered with Seraph Films and Nvisionate Studios to bring the community Scary Christmas. What started out as a small get-together among filmmaking friends turned into a massive party bringing together all sorts of people within the horror community.

Over the past 2 plus years, we hope you have enjoyed all the content above. At the core of all this are two hard working individuals who have sacrificed countless hours and money to make We Are Indie Horror meet all of our readers’ expectations. We are entirely grateful for our writing staff and the third head to jump into this crazy world with us, Carlos Menjivar. And although these past two years have been a blast, we are human. We are tired. We did not reach the achievements we set out with this model.

Since the start, our goal has always been to Promote, Inspire, and Connect. We thank you, our loyal fans, for all the graciousness you have shown us over the past two years. I know this sounds like a goodbye letter, but please bare with me.

Despite the tough times we have fallen upon, WE ARE INDIE HORROR IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

After long talks between Brian and myself, we have decided on a restructuring plan. The future of We Are Indie Horror will be different. We will be moving back to what we originally set out to do; promote, inspire, and connect. Somehow over the course of the past two years, we have become like every other news source. We may have our little quirks that separate us from the others but for the most part, we have begun to just regurgitate press release after press release with the occasional review. What follows will be a sneak peak into the NEW WE ARE INDIE HORROR coming soon, as soon as NEXT WEEK!

The website is the backbone of everything we do and represent. It is how people view us. We will be updating the website to have a few new features that allow you to connect as a community and do what we originally intended to do, promote and inspire. The website will feature a FearMaker database. As we do now, once a week we will feature a FearMaker on our front page but the difference will be in the presentation. Each FearMaker will have a profile with all their information that they provide along with links to their work. If they want, there will also be contact information and social media information so if you like someone’s work you can tell them or better yet hire them.

The biggest change to the website will be our events tab. On the front page, you will find a slider or list featuring upcoming events all around the community. When clicking the events tab at the top of the page, we expect it to take you to a calendar where all events we are aware of will be posted. Our hopes are to have you be able to search by location eventually but for now, it will be by date and keywords. Each event will have information, important links, and of course a purchase link so you can head right to the source to buy tickets or the item. Our goal is to fill this calendar up with film releases, DVD/Blu-Ray releases, major conventions, haunts, shows, and other horror related events around the world. Somewhere down the line, you will also be able to add events to our calendar by filling out a simple form. *We will not be able to grab everything as we are not all seeing. If we do not have an event, we encourage you to please send us all the information.*

We will be opening a shop where you can buy We Are Indie Horror merchandise along with FearMaker items as well. We will be asking the community to provide us with products that they would like to sell on our website. Of course, they will get profit with their products and through communication, we will figure out what is best for all parties involved.

Reviews of short films and features will still be found on but there is one more place you will find them.

WAIH TV (website coming soon)

We want to promote the community. That is the be all end all for what We Are Indie Horror represents. Many of our FearMaker’s and community members are filmmakers in one way or another. There is a new domain coming soon and we will share when it is ready. This will be an archive of all videos, short films, trailers, features, and any type of visual media we can find. Through embedding from YouTube or Vimeo or other video sources, we will store pages for each individual video with all important information and links to reviews, social media accounts, and purchasing pages if necessary. As the writing team has gained their own personalities and we all have our own taste, some shorts or features will have multiple reviews. We will be coming out from behind the proverbial curtain to express our opinions on things allowing you to follow your favorite writer who may have the same interests as you. No worries, we are not stealing anyone’s content. The embedding will be directly from the source itself unless otherwise negotiated to come through We Are Indie Horror. The YouTube clicks will certainly still count towards the creator’s account, we are just archiving and organizing all the media into a nice package for you.

Many of these will come from a submission basis where all information must be provided for us to link.

If you as a FearMaker want us to release your short or trailer, we can discuss the best way to go about this.

As we do each week and have a Featured FearMaker, we will be doing a Featured Video of the Week. It will be a trailer, short, or feature that we find is important for the community to see. This will appear on the front page along with a carousel of most recently added, most liked, and most viewed.

As for how it all will be organized, well, of course, it will be split by type such as short or trailer. We also plan to organize by genre and eventually length If you are sitting down for lunch and want to watch a 20-minute zombie short, we got you!

This is the largest undertaking of the new We Are Indie Horror but the one we are most excited for, so plan on some bugs and some hiccups along the way. We are here to answer your concerns and findings. Please speak up and help us out. This is your community after all.

Also, expect some new original content popping up on this page such as Dr. Sparro and some important messages from Brian and myself.

Tea Time Of Terror

Not much is changing in the podcast. The formatting may be a bit different as in more of Brian and me discussing what is happening in the community. The biggest change will be some additional voices possibly popping up. All interviews we conduct, no matter how long they are, will be found here. We tested out this format a few episodes back and we both really enjoyed it. Everything will still be found at


With all these changes occurring onto We Are Indie Horror, it will eventually free up more time for us to do more things. One of those goals is to host more events. Along with Scary Christmas, we hosted a mixer at The Goodnight Bar in Burbank which turned out to be a great success. More events like that will be occurring and we plan on expanding those events to other cities in the distant future. Some of these events will be unique as to having an immersive element to them or a special partnership or a particular focus. All the events will pop up on the calendar and will promote the hell out of them for you.

There may be some blood splatter (our equivalent of construction dust) over the next few weeks as we work it all out and create the new We Are Indie Horror for you. We want you to remember this is still the We Are Indie Horror you love and know. This will still be YOUR community. You will still find all the latest in upcoming artists, you will still see weekly FearMakers but it will all be presented in such a way that allows us to grow as a company in a fair and more direct way.

Thank you for all the support you have shown us thus far and thank you for all the support that will pour through. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Also, we are asking you to bare with us as we make this change. News articles will not be up as often as we used to, reviews will not be coming out quickly and we may not answer right back. Understand we are making this experience better for YOU, better for the community, and better for our growth.

As we update and create the WAIH TV website please follow us on all appropriate social media sources.

And as always, please remember to…

Keep The Fear Alive

Neil King

Co-Creator, Head Editor-In-Chief




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