Month: February 2016

Action Man: Battlefield Casualties Making Noise at SXSW

One of the short films screening this week in Austin, Texas at SXSW is this Veterans for Peace UK film directed by James Price, and written by Darren Cullen, Action Man: Battlefield Casualties As opposed to telling a singular, linear story, Battlefield Casualties gets its point across through a series of 80’s style GIJoe– esque commercials. The commercials feature a new line of action figures, the...[Read More]


The sky is dark and the wind is howling. The mysterious cackle of laughter echoes throughout the night, piercing the calmness of the storm. Don’t go outside, it is too dangerous. Stay where you are, cuddle up, and grab your laptop; The new Featured FearMaker is here and ready to keep you safe and warm. Chris St. Croix has been here before, showing off his latest film, In The Dark in an interview w...[Read More]

Blood Bank: “I Am The Doorway”

Indie filmmakers take inspiration from many places. It can come from a song, a personal experience, or even a piece of literature. Today’s Blood Bank takes a look at an upcoming project whose source material comes from the best in horror and scares. Simon Pearce from the UK is taking one of the strangest and most visceral Stephen King stories and adapting it for the screen – the science fiction ho...[Read More]

“The Smiling Man” Leaves Horror Fans Smiling Ear To Ear

Last night We Are Indie Horror decided to have a double feature short film night to get in the SXSW mood. We had a repeat viewing of the incredible and beautiful one shot horror short Night Of The Slasher. Following was a film none of us have seen and it certainly complimented the art piece above very well. The Smiling Man in it’s own right is a beautiful piece of cinematic art that belongs on the...[Read More]

Check Out These Amazing Pictures OF The Bride Of Frankenstein By Horrify Me

The good people at Horrify Me have been killing it lately with their incredible recreations of classic horror characters. Beginning with their George Romero to their Lady Pinhead, and their latest creation is simply perfection. Based out of Kent, UK, the award winning team has gone all out for their latest work, calling it the most iconic character so far, and they are right. The Bride of Frankens...[Read More]

NSFW: Army Of The Universe Releases New Tracks

The international industrial trio Army Of The Universe has recently released The Magic, their long awaited EP. The EP features three new songs, as well as remixes by bass heavyweights Gosteffects and Deorro, The Magic includes a range of electronic flavors for both Industrial enthusiasts and dance music fans. They recently sent We Are Indie Horror the new video to their new song, and it is quite e...[Read More]

New Poster for “The Darkness”

Last week we showed you the trailer and a clip for the upcoming horror thriller from Wolf Creek director Greg McLean; The Darkness. To continue along the media train and excitement growth for the project, we have a special treat for you. From Blumhouse Tilt comes the brand new poster which holds the same eeriness as the trailer itself. Check it our right below. The Darkness tells the following sto...[Read More]

Beware The Serpents In Patricia Chica’s ‘Serpent’s Lullaby’

Life has a funny way of changing course without notice. Bad people can become good under the right circumstances, and vice versa. Sometimes a life long path of destruction and desolation can lead to a life of loneliness and squalor. Director Patricia Chica takes a look into this interesting phenomenon with her latest short film Serpent’s Lullaby Penned by Charles Hall, Serpent’s Lullaby stars Jeni...[Read More]

“Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla” Delivers Delicious Death In May

Independent horror studio, Wild Eye Releasing, who is behind horror films such as the upcoming slasher Bunni and the epic battle of Bigfoot Vs. Zombies are ready to deliver their next tasty treat. In May, the world will see the release of the Australian black comedy horror Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla. Check out this wacky synopsis for a bit of a taste as to what to expect from this sweet treat. A...[Read More]


Over the past year, We Are Indie Horror has managed to bring you several amazing, wonderful independent horror artists from all around the world. What started as a weekly Facebook blog has turned into a multi-headed beast. This weeks Featured FearMaker sent us her short film months ago, and has since worked with WAIH, including directing a segment for our YouTube series Candi’s Lab, which will be ...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: Exclusive Interview With “Visage”

There has been a fascinating trend in video games recently, particularly horror games. We all have spoken about the multiple new types of games coming out. Everything ranging from Five Night At Freddy’s to the blood bank from two weeks ago Ghost Theory. One game in particular has taken a beloved style emulated in a teaser game that shook the world and has turned the volume up to 11 on all things h...[Read More]

Review: Legless Corpse Films’ “Nailed Down”

LeglessCorpse Films brings us the horror/thriller Nailed Down, a film that features no shortage of religious allusions, proverbs, and iconography. Writer and director Harley David Morris explores holy ground– seldom navigated waters in the horror genre– to tell the story of revenge steeped in Christian morality. Apart from the obvious demonic and exorcism horror films religious allusions remain la...[Read More]