Month: March 2016

EXTREMELY NSFW: Horrify Me Conjurs The Angry Princess

The title has you warned. The following images are extremely not safe for work, but here at We Are Indie Horror we are fans of the latest installment from the UK horror photographer Rick Jones of the company Horrify Me We have covered his work before with his gender bending also not safe for work Lady Pinhead set and his cleaner Bride of Frankenstein shoot. It is no doubt that Jones likes to push ...[Read More]

Blind Dates And Strangulation In John Fitzpatricks “Brentwood Strangler”

John Fitzpatrick is a name you may have heard on We Are Indie Horror before. He is the mind behind the hit short horror film Skypemare, which has reached over one million views on YouTube, as well as the mastermind behind the monthly horror episodic Scary Endings. Over the last year, we’ve been talking a great deal about John and his works, including his latest short film, which is just breaking o...[Read More]

George Fraser’s First Short Film Is A Crazy Random “Happenstance”

Running We Are Indie Horror is a fun gig as horror lovers. We get to watch some great indie horror, but we also get to watch amateur filmmakers make their way onto the scene. When we set out to create this horror community, we had no idea how many filmmakers would come out and show support, as well as look for support themselves. This is why it is great to see films like George Fraser’s Happenstan...[Read More]

Days of The Dead To Feature Women In Horror With Etheria Film Night Screening

Days Of The Dead is a premiere horror convention that travels all over the United States. This coming weekend Burbank, CA will be receiving their dose of the horror convention. Running from April 1 to April 3 at the Los Angeles Burbank Hotel the event is sure to satisfy any and all horror fans. With appearances by Tobin Bell (Saw) and Sid Haig with Bill Moseley from The Devil’s Rejects among many ...[Read More]

Short Turned Feature “Lights Out” Receives Official Trailer

Children and some adults are afraid of the dark. Uncommonly fear of the dark is known as Nyctophobia. Throughout the time of stories and various forms of media the dark has always created a sense of unease and a great place for fright. 80’s metal band Iron Maiden even wrote a whole song about it titled “Fear Of The Dark”. In the song they explain what is so frightening about the absent of light. I...[Read More]

FEATURED FEARMAKER: Michael Matteo Rossi

Horror is, in many ways, a melting pot of some truly sick and twisted minds. Gore and blood reign supreme within our dimly lit alley way of an allegory. To the unsuspecting eye, horror, gore, and slashers are not only synonymous, but are ubiquitous with the genre. By digging a bit deeper, you’ll find that gore is only the surface of the horror iceberg. This weeks Featured FearMaker is making his m...[Read More]

The Latest Scary Endings Is Here And Shows What A Trump Presidency Could Bring

John Fitzpatrick and his Scary Endings crew are at it again for the eighth installment of their monthly horror series. Each month they write, produce, and release a short horror film ranging from light and fun to dark and twisted. In this installment, U Get What U Deserve, written by Brian Chandler, we get a look into a possible future. During the Trump presidential era, Kagan is the victim of a t...[Read More]

Are You Ready To Get Weird With “The Montauk Chronicles”?

Somewhere in the vast emptiness we call the universe, may live another type of being. A being perhaps much more advanced, technologically and physically, than us here on Earth. The mysteries which surround us concerning the idea of aliens have always been a center of inquisition, study, and most importantly horror films. Director Christopher Paul Garetano‘s 2014 alien-centric documentary film Mont...[Read More]

Review: 100 Lucky Fans Can Own “Hank Boyd Is Dead” On DVD

Brooklyn based writer and director Sean Melia (short films You Don’t Know Me and The Administrator) purportedly made his debut feature film in just eight days on a very minuscule budget. Hank Boyd is Dead may have been crafted under the auspices of a micro-budget– using Broadway actors, and resources readily at hand to the director– but the production value here is incredible. Looking nothing like...[Read More]

“Walking Dead’s” Emma Bell is Scratching Her Way To The Top With Her Directorial Debut.

We’ve often spoken about the transcendental shift from one side of the camera to another. It’s always great to see what an actor can do when they finally spread their wings and attempt directing. Although much desired, directing is hard work, and not for everyone. There are few, however, who manage to not only make the change, but excel at it. This time we’re hoping to say the latter for Walking D...[Read More]

A Conversation With The Composer Of ‘THE WITCH’

If you thought the images of The Witch were brutal… Do yourself a favor and listen to the Music. The horror world was pleasantly surprised when Robert Eggers’ psychological dark tale, The Witch was released. Not knowing what to expect, we all went into those theaters curious and slightly hesitant. From what the trailer promised, we were in for the scare of a lifetime. With cheap thrills in mind, w...[Read More]

We Escaped The Basement Escape Game, And The Study Game In Los Angeles.

Here at We Are Indie Horror, we believe that horror isn’t just for the screen. Immersive horror has been gaining a lot of steam in the past decade, with a rise in haunts around the country, with each one getting more extreme than the one before. Full immersion is something man y true horror fans have been waiting for, but if walking through  hallways filled with jump scares isn’t enough for you, t...[Read More]