Month: May 2016

Pandie Suicide Surprises in New Short “Blood Bath”

The surprise element is one aspect of a short film that when done correctly can achieve wonder. The latest short film which was written and produced by We Are Indie Horror friend Pandie Suicide (AKA Pandie James) achieves moments of surprise scene in and scene out in Blood Bath. Coming from Deathaus Films in Los Angeles, California, the five minute short packs punch after punch with beautiful cine...[Read More]

Indie Horror “Lost Creek” Brings Back Memories of Halloween As A Child

Being a child in October was always a blast. All month long you plan your perfect costume for the 31st and then when the glorious holiday of Halloween arrived, the candy flowed like Niagara Falls. It was a night of wonder and spookiness. Now the upcoming indie horror flick Lost Creek will attempt to recapture the scary world of being a kid around Halloween. Lost Creek will be the feature film debu...[Read More]

Horror Icons And Hot Rods, What More Do You Need? Fright Rags New T-Shirt Line

If you are a horror fan (which we feel safe in assuming you are) there is nothing more exhilarating than showing off your favorite horror tastes than by wearing then on your clothes. Whether it’s a Halloween shirt, or an old Giallo film on a sweater, we love to show the world that we love horror. The people at Fright Rags have just released a new line of shirts featuring your favorite horror chara...[Read More]

Plot Thickens For “The Tension Experience”

Those who follow We Are Indie Horror have heard us speak about and share updates on the latest in interactive horror theater (at least I think it is such) – The Tension Experience. For those who have not caught up you can check out part one and part two by clicking the appropriate links. Yesterday, May 29, 2016, saw the fourth live event from The Tension Experience and I am left buzzing after almo...[Read More]


Comic books have always been one of the most captivating forms of entertainment. The stories, artistry, and loyal followers brings a certain buzz to the air anytime we walk into a comic shop. Much like a film, making a comic book is a team sport, requiring the help of several people including writers, artists, inkers, and publishers, and more. This week’s Featured FearMaker has made a life out of ...[Read More]

Review: “Bubba The Redneck Werewolf” Potential Cult Classic

Bubba the Redneck Werewolf— based on the indie comic book of the same name by creator Mitch Hyman–is the newest film from director Brendan Jackson Rogers and scribe Stephen Biro. If you’re wondering what the film is about, then avert your attention towards the film’s bodacious title, not only does it capture what the film is about, but it prepares you for its comedic and off-the-wall tone.Bubba (C...[Read More]

“The Marshall Family” Reveals Deep Family Secrets, Getting Ready To Find Funding

Writer and Director Shane Michaels is currently hard at work putting together the final touches on pre-production for his upcoming film, The Marshall Family. The home invasion horror- thriller is gearing up for their June 6th Indiegogo campaign in which they hope to raise enough funds to make their film. An average family’s lives are interrupted suddenly one evening by a sadistic killer out for bl...[Read More]

Terrifying Aliens In Space in “Dédalo” From Portugal Now Streaming Online!

There’s no doubt that an alien invasion is perhaps one of the scariest things that could happen. What about an invasion in space? That is the premise of the Portuguese sci-fi / horror short film from Jerónimo Rocha and Take It Easy Production Company, Dédalo. In a dystopian future, a small team is hired to repair the refinery of a colossal space cargo vessel before it arrives at its destination. T...[Read More]

Official Teaser Launches For Indie Creature Feature “THE RAKING”

Indie Creature Feature The Raking has wrapped and is ready for the world to, STAY IN THE LIGHT. Along with the news of the wrap, Lesson 1 entertainment has released its first official teaser, which features a glimpse of The Rake in action.  The teaser features all the ingredients of a fine horror pie: blood, practical effects, and a solid concept. The Rake is a feral, human-like creature, that ha...[Read More]

Review: “Don’t Look In The Basement 2”

Back in 1972 a film by director S.F. Brownrigg, titled Don’t Look in the Basement, hit the silver screens, in what would be the first of five low-budget films from the independent director. Shot on a budget that hovered around 100k in Tehuacana, Texas, the film revolved around the accidental murder of Dr. Stephen’s the lead doctor at the mental health facility Dr. Stephen’s Sanitarium. Having neve...[Read More]

Ghost Theory Finds Funds From Kickstarter!

There have recently been a slew of games finding themselves on crowd funding websites. Many of us remember the Friday the 13th: The Game that pins players against each other as either the hockey mask wearing, machete wielding madman, or a bunch of horny teens.  Well One of our favorite new gaming concepts has recently completed their Kickstarter campaign and have even reached their stretch goal. W...[Read More]

“Valley Of Ditches” Trailer Chills To The Bone

Be it the “Innocent? Is that supposed to be funny?” speech by Kevin Spacey from  Se7en or Jodi Foster spitting off about how “They were screaming” in Silence Of The Lambs, a solid film monologue can do more than just push the plot along. When a writer pens a long winded statement by a character it allows the actors to showcase their chops while giving the audience something to pay attention and ge...[Read More]