Month: June 2016

Feature Review: “The Raking”

Picture yourself in the middle of the desert, surrounded by darkness, with only a flashlight to illuminate your path. In silence you push forward, slowly, cautiously, the only sounds those of rocks and twigs which crunch beneath your feet. All of a sudden, you hear a shrub thrashing behind you. You whip your flashlight around, shining it at the disrupted shrub and catch in the torch’s beam the tai...[Read More]


When many people think of horror, their mind quickly goes to blood and sex. From the beginning, horror has had the influence of all sins, not just violence, but lust as well. Their equally enticing lures are perfect for those seeking a little more kick in their entertainment than what the mainstream has to offer. If it’s sex you’re after, then look no further than this weeks Featured FearMaker. Ya...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: “The Marshall Family” – Shane Michaels

Horror seems to go in waves and trends. As time goes on, fears of the masses change causing movements in the horror genre which tend to focus on a particular sub category of our beloved genre. In recent years the fear of the masses has been privacy. People feel safest and most private within their homes. Horror films reflect this movement in mass fear by taking on the form of Home Invasion films. ...[Read More]

You’re So Cool, Brewster! The Story Of Fright Night Doc Coming Soon

One of the most iconic 80’s monster movies is finally getting a well deserved documentary. We are, of course, talking about the Tom Holland’s masterpiece, Fright Night. Originally released in 1985 without a grand premiere screening, the film has since developed a gargantuan cult fan base, sparking an entire sub culture and even a 2011 remake. Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, You’re So Cool, Brewster...[Read More]

ScareLA Announces First Ever Original Interactive Haunt “Blood Offering”

The original Halloween Convention is returning to Los Angeles August 6-7, and is looking to be bigger than ever! ScareLA has been announcing several unique and exclusive experiences has now announced perhaps the biggest news of all; they will be opening their first ever original interactive haunt. Your path to salvation or sacrifice will depend on what choices you make inside the cold dark chamber...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: “Malacostraca” – Charles Pieper

Indie cinema is in a constant debate as to which is cheaper and better, Computer generate effects or practical effects. What it comes down to is the talent involved. Some indie filmmaking teams have great Computer graphics people who do an incredible job at a low price. But what many of the up and coming artists can agree on is the thought process of the days of ol’. We love practical effects. If ...[Read More]

CryptTV’s “The Birch” Hauntingly Leaves You Wanting More

Short films can be used for many purposes; a pitch, an art piece, or just a short story that needs to be told. Last week CryptTV released a short film titled The Birch and We Are Indie Horror believes it to be all three plus some. Keeping with the mantra #WeirdIsGood, the short film centers around a boy who is being bullied. As much of us weird kids know how that feels, this one bully seems to be ...[Read More]

Review: “Dolly Deadly” – Heidi Moore

Heidi Moore does it all– she writes (along with co-writer Cassandra Sechler), directs, produces and even appears in her film Dolly Deadly. Pretty impressive. However, she takes it further than that: she also contributed to the film’s art department, art direction, production design, make-up, special effects, and served as the film’s cinematographer. In short, she’s a paragon of what independent ho...[Read More]

Horrify Me Presents Tarman from “Return of the Living Dead”

It’s been a minute since we have heard from the talented Rick Jones of our favorite UK photo studio, Horrify Me. Today we have a special treat as he has released a new set of photos. The award winning horror photography studio has attempted a long dream of theirs, they recreated Tarman from the legendary 80’s horror classic Return of the Living Dead. Horrify Me has brought one of the most iconic z...[Read More]

“Shallow Water” Is Bringing Back The Monster Genre

What was the last monster movie you saw? What year was it released? Chances are it was either a remake, or it was released at least ten years ago. When it comes to creature features, making them can be a real catch 22. The budget to make monsters can be too big for small indie filmmakers, and Hollywood is just too busy making superhero films to care. One filmmaker is taking it upon himself to revi...[Read More]

Review: “Mark Of The Witch” Unique and Fresh

Jordyn (Paulie Rojas) celebrates her eighteenth birthday, and her aunt Ruth (Nancy Wolfe), who has raised her since birth, has a surprise for her. It’s not a planned surprise either, so it makes it that much more shocking when aunt Ruth stabs herself in the stomach and makes a bloody mess in front of everyone. Jordyn’s troubles don’t end there. There seems to be a woman (Maria Olsen) following her...[Read More]

“The Truth” Challenges The Modern Immersive Theater

Today’s modern world includes short attention spans, ear buds, and cellphones constantly in hand. It is impossible for a millennial to leave their phone off for two hours in the dark which is seeing much frustration in movie theaters but more particularly on the stage. We are in a time where theater is evolving and evolving quickly. It has to. What do artists do to adapt to these changing times in...[Read More]

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