Month: July 2016

‘The Uninvited: Awakening’ 4-D Haunted House Experience Comes to NYC

Have you ever wanted to experience activity with the paranormal, but don’t have a paranormal contact? Well, New York, you’re in luck. From September 30th through November 6th, you can experience The Uninvited: Awakening, a 4-D experience in a true haunted house. Taking place at the Graham Court, guest will experience 30 minutes of heart pounding fear, combining “immersive theatrical storytelling, ...[Read More]

FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL Review: ‘Atmo HorroX,’ A Bizarre and Psychedelic Nightmare

An attempt to concisely unpack, or even describe, Atmo HorroX would be an inexcusable exercise in redundancy that in no capacity of the written word would benefit this film. Atmo HorroX is a sensory experience, a sumptuously polychromatic psychedelic trip into the absurd and the nightmarish, one to be witnessed through careful and focused attention. Words could not possibly evoke the vision of wri...[Read More]

Review: ‘Valley of Ditches’ A Sparse and Minimalist Achievement

Minimalist film, Valley of Ditches, from director and co-writer Christopher James Lang is a deceivingly simple and raw experience about survival and the brutality of our existence. We follow a young woman named Emilia (Amanda Todisco, also co-writer) who’s left for dead in a ditch under the desert heat, along with the dead body of her boyfriend, who was killed in front of her by a sadistic bible-t...[Read More]

Interview: ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Moses J. Moseley Chats About Upcoming ‘Volumes of Blood’ Sequel

We are Indie Horror had the opportunity to chat, via Skype, with actor Moses J. Moseley who will appear in the sequel to the anthology feature Volumes of Blood (check out the full review). The sequel, titled Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories, is currently in production. In the interview, Moseley talked about working on season three of the hit AMC show The Walking Dead and Volumes of Blood: Horror S...[Read More]

Where Is Madison?

Back in mid May our friends at Seraph Films launched a video, or pretty much a vlog, featuring a long-time fan of theirs named Chloe whose sister had apparently been kidnapped. Gene Blalock at Seraph has mentioned that in an effort to raise awareness about what Chloe is going through, he offered Seraph’s YouTube page as a launchpad for Chloe’s videos. A text message with a link to a bizarre YouTub...[Read More]


When polling a large group of horror fans and asking “what scares you?” one answer seems to always land itself in the majority of the board; clowns! Why is that? Is it the painted faces? The harsh and over emotional happy expressions? Or maybe it is their constant need to please. Whatever it may be, the horror community can agree that clowns are always scary. Today’s We Are Indie Horror Blood Bank...[Read More]

First Look Into The Escape Hotel Hollywood

Every escape room fan has been drooling over the chance to enter the new Escape Hotel, which has been teasing fans with it’s large signage and creepy social media ads. For the past year, the team behind the illusive game has been hard at work turning what used to be The Geisha House into an escape game mecca. We Are Indie Horror was fortunate enough to be invited to stay at the hotel, and we were,...[Read More]

Review: “Green Room” – Jeremy Saulnier

Green Room takes place in the rain drenched backwoods and dreary melancholy of the Pacific Northwest. Desperate for cash, the punk band The Ain’t Rights take whatever gigs they can while on the road, even if it means taking a show deep in the woods at a joint that harbors an enclave of skinheads. The Ain’t Rights are Pat (the late Anton Yelchin), Reece (Joe Cole), Sam (Alia Shawkat), and Tiger (Ca...[Read More]

Fantasia Film Festival Horror Film Announcement

Beginning in just a few days is the monstrous and notorious Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal. This time around, the world wide genre festival is celebrating their 20th anniversary. The massive three-week festival always had a soft spot for our beloved horror genre and this year is their biggest yet when it comes to the scary ones. What follows is a full comprehensive list of all th...[Read More]

Feature Review: “Lilith’s Awakening”

By J. Carlos Menjivar From Brazilian director Monica Demes comes a re-imagining of the Bram Stoker classic, Dracula. This time titled Lilith’s Awakening, the film deals with complex themes contrasting the much more concrete source material. While the former dedicates itself in exploring dark and unknown forces the latter focuses on gender, concerned with the repressed role of women in society. The...[Read More]

Hollywood Horror Museum Update

Back in October we informed the community of a brand new project sure to bring smiles to the faces of many called The Hollywood Horror Museum. For those unaware, The Hollywood Horror Museum is a project put together by some of the greatest minds in horror in attempt to bring education of the horror genre to the masses. This would be the word’s first educational nonprofit Horror museum. It plans to...[Read More]

“Crimson Dance” Makes A Splash At FANTASIA Film Fest

The beauty behind some of the greatest pieces of art usually comes from the pain and suffering that was put into it. It is out of the darkness that brings to life amazing artwork, painting pictures which mimic the altruistic decline of those who help keep pain at bay. Filmmaker Patricia Chica‘s latest short film, Crimson Dance, uses burlesque to tell the story of cancer and the lifeline of blood g...[Read More]

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