Month: May 2017

Review: ‘CarousHELL’ is Pure Absurdist Horror/Comedy Fun

“I’m Duke, the prettiest goddammit unicorn in the world.” With that, CarousHELL opens, and the viewer is enveloped in one of the strangest horror comedies to come out in years. Steve Rudzinski takes a simple story – a young woman forced to take her brother while her stripper mom works – and twists it around the tale of Duke, a carousel unicorn bent on revenge. “Now you can be in charge of security...[Read More]

Review: ‘,’ Timely Film with Twisty Third Act

We’ve seen it before– and we’ve also been warned before– yet none of the bad omens found in horror films, those that are supposed to deter us from the perils of technology, ever actually deter us from anything. Although a Tinder-like app is at the center of, the film posits that it’s not so much the tech, but the people behind the screen that are the true monsters. Something like Tinde...[Read More]

Review: Italian Film’Don’t Be Bad’ is Grimy and Brutal

Friends for life since childhood, Cesare (Luca Marinelli) and Vittorio (Alessandro Borghi) have spent the better part of their primes living hard and fast, conning whoever has something to lose and fighting anyone who dares to get in their way. But after Vittorio has one bad night too many he decides it’s time for a change. It is around this time that he meets Linda, who represents his shot at a c...[Read More]

Review: Stephen King’s ‘Rainy Season’ Short Film

Stephen King’s story, “The Rainy Season,” can be found in his 1993 short story collection, Nightmares and Dreamscapes. It’s not one of King’s better-known stories, but the 2017 short film of the same name, written and directed by Vanessa Ionta Wright, does an excellent job of taking what seemed like a slight variation on Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” and making it something more. Setting the sh...[Read More]

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